Five Reasons for Obtaining a Robo Vacuum Cleaner

The development of robo vacuum cleaners has completely altered the way in which household cleanup is conducted. Featuring a sleek design and style as well as an outstanding concept of technological innovation, robo vacuum cleaners have been selling just like pancakes the past couple of years. On the other hand, in case you are not yet accustomed to the ins and outs of a robo vacuum, you can easily get suspicious. You might ask yourself, are robotic vacuum cleaners well worth their price?

Allow me to share 5 common reasons why a robo vacuum will be good news for yourself plus your house maintenance:

· It’s useful

On account of how hard it is to cleanup possibly only one room in your home, all people wish to have a device that could make it less difficult for them. Getting your home cleaned through household helpers just isn’t a very inexpensive solution, which explains why many people find themselves a robot vacuum cleaner as a substitute – that cleans the many areas in your home without having much to bother.

· It’s easy to use

One of the big things about a robotic vacuum cleaner is the automatic program. By using just one switch of a button, it will take its go and function without requiring your guidance at all. Simply leave it to cleanup and when you revisit, you are guaranteed to have a house hold that’s sparkling clean!

· It incorporates a stream-lined layout

A robo vacuum incorporates a flat, disk shaped layout, that makes it easy for the system to go underneath fixtures and furniture as well as compact places in your home. Its sleek and stylish layout enables it to arrive at spots that regular upright vacuums find tricky or impossible to go to.

· It’s smart

The technology powering a robo vacuum is the similar know-how that’s been used in clearing land mines in warfare areas. Which means that a robotic vacuum cleaner possesses its own special intelligence – it’s got a variety of sensors that will find filth and suck it properly in. The devices are programmed to head to the specially dirty regions in the room, cleaning there and the whole room until finally absolutely no dirt is recognized any longer.

· It’s affordable

Opposite to what many folks think, robotic vacuum cleaners are certainly not high priced equipment. In contrast to genuine robots, robotic vacuums can be found in just a couple hundred or so bucks and you already are guaranteed to have the greatest cleanup service.

Consider the amount of savings you will definitely get in case you obtain a robo vacuum cleaner. Apart from making sure that the entire residence will get cleaned out each and every time, additionally, you will end up being able to escape from the tiresome process of floor cleaning. Here on our blog you find lots of information, tips and a vivid community to support your efforts to source the most suitable robo vacuum for your needs.

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AirBoss Computer Room Cooling with Portable Air Conditioners

Take the Port-a-Cool “Worry Free Cooling Challenge”

Use Our Portable Air Conditioner For A Month FREE*
*some restrictions apply

Computers operate best when the room temperature is cooler. The more computers you have the more heat you must deal with. There are several factors used to determine the proper size portable air conditioner needed to satisfy the heat load in a computer room, so please accumulate the following data as it pertains to all equipment in your computer room, telecommunications equipment room or electrical panel so we may accurately serve you When you have compiled this data it is time to visit our Cool Estimate page to determine the proper sizing of the equipment to cool your room. After determining the appropriate Model or if you would like one of our staff to assist you, call us and we will assist you in getting the right equipment for your application. Our toll-free number is 1-800-807-5798.

What is the total wattage of the equipment to be cooled. This is determined by multiplying Amperage x Voltage (i.e. 20 amps 230V power 4,600 Watts)
What is the size of the room to be cooled? (length, width, height)
Are personnel in the room most of the time? If so, how many?
Are there any windows in the room? If so, how large are they and which direction do they face?
What is the room construction? (wood and sheetrock, concrete block, etc)
Is the room insulated? What is the R-value of the insulation
What is on the other side of the 4 walls of the room (equipment cabinet) to be cooled? (i.e. Is the area adjacent to your cooling project cooled with air conditioning or is it a furnace with extreme temperatures?)
Decide on an Air-Cooled or Water-Cooled Model. See the explanation of the difference in air or water cooled.
Now, visit our BTU calculators and choose the calculator that is right for you.

Please remember when comparing portable air conditioners from different Manufacturers the advertised cooling capacity can be very different based on the temperature and humidity levels used in the Laboratory tests (this laboratory testing has everything to do with the advertised BTU capacity the manufacturer is stating but has nothing to do with the the conditions in which the air conditioner will operate). The cooling capacity, BTU (British Thermal Unit), can be determined by several methods so before you purchase know how the BTU values for the Air Conditioner you are purchasing are determined. Two (2) common rating methods are as follows:

80 degrees and 50% relative humidity
95 degrees and 60% relative humidity
What causes the same identical machine to have such different values? It is because the higher temperature and humidity levels increase the ability of the refrigerant to absorb heat which increases the cooling capacity. Again, this has to do with determining the advertised btu of a particular machine and has nothing to do with its ability to operate in a particular operating environment.

This evaluation process is performed in a Laboratory where the rating conditions are very specific. A return air plenum is put on the Evaporator and the Condenser to insure the air coming into the unit is exactly the right temperature and exactly the correct humidity level. It is during this precise testing process that the BTU ratings are established. The same identical machine can advertise different BTU ratings just by using a different set of values in the rating process (i.e. 65,000 at 80 degrees and 50% relative humidity and 84,000 btu when tested at 95 degrees and 60% relative humidity).

Since the same machine can be sold as a 65,000 btu or an 84,000 btu machine you should know what you are buying. If you need 84,000 btu but only get 65,000 btu you have not solved your cooling requirement. Also, be aware that the warranty on the compressor is different from one Company to another (some are 5 years others are 3 years). Use our Comparison Chart in determining the value of one unit and the other.

The following 10 questions will allow you to take charge in the purchasing process. Also, use this free checklist to compare air conditioners.

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Best Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner Review

Every housewife dreams about comfort and cleanliness in her house, to invite guests, and be proud of her apartments. But the more square meters she has the longer she does regular cleaning. Furniture, floor coverings and other elements of decoration become dirty very quickly.

To ensure perfect cleanliness and order in the house, a large arsenal of techniques for cleaning and detergents are required. Call to dry cleaning at home every time seriously reduces family budget. How to solve this problem?

Modern carpet cleaner can quickly clean the house so effective as specialists of cleaning services In this case, you not only successfully complete your arsenal with home and household appliances, but also will feel the savings of detergents and cleaning agents.

The Rug Doctor carpet cleaner allows you to carry out simultaneously steam disinfection, dry cleaning and wet cleaning, so that the whole house will shine with cleanliness! It uses pure hot steam produced by the generator. This is especially convenient and efficient for those houses and apartments, where live children and patients suffering from allergies. Because there will be no need to use cleaning agents and chemicals that can cause allergic reactions in members of family.

During the cleaning with steam cleaner you will wash off the dirt not only from the surface. Hot steam has the ability to penetrate deep inside (for example, in upholstery, carpets) and remove hard stains.

A huge plus is the destruction of microorganisms and bacteria by means of steam. The high temperature kills all disease-causing microbes. Notorious dust mites – saprophytes which are the causative agents of allergy will not survive too.

If a steam cleaner for the house is equipped with the ironing, you can put aside your iron. Now you can put your clothes in order and clean by means of special nozzles directly on the hanger. At the same time careful ironing with steam will not spoil a tissue.

Using such helper in the house, like a steam vacuum cleaner, you can perform many different functions with one device. You just need to fill the tank with water and turn on the device.

Disadvantages of some devices

In spite of the impressive list of advantages, the vacuum cleaner has some drawbacks. On the opinion of customers the main and most important minus is its price.

With malfunction of one element you will have to replace it losing considerable amount of money.

The second disadvantage is the great weight of the device. Especially it concerns the lovely ladies who are so tired during the cleaning, dragging heavy vacuum cleaner throughout the room. Fortunately, most of the models are equipped with wheels for movement.

Another disadvantage is that hot steam is not applicable to all surfaces in the house. For example, if you have linoleum, it is better not to use a carpet cleaner, because after the work with steam your surface will lose its shine and become hammered.

So, if you check the shared reviews, you will find a Rug Doctor in the top of the ratings. If you are looking for a carpet steam cleaner for home, it is not the best purchase because of its high price and large size. But if you are considering a rental, you should not miss the opportunity to try out this device. It is an industrial steam cleaner, which can offer high performance and will leave carpets clean and fresh. Study of work with the steam cleaner is possible of course, because many sellers offer a demonstration, which helps user to train.

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Review of PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow

PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow may seem like a blessing in disguise for pregnant women finding it difficult to get a good night’s sleep because of their body changes. It gives them the rest they need by controlling neck pain, bad sleep patterns and stress.

Even nursing mothers love the PharMeDoc pillow as it lets them get a good night’s sleep, so that they don’t feel tired nursing their infants whenever needed. This pillow wraps around both mother and child to protect and consol them. It comes with a pure cotton cover, is manufactured in the US and is highly rated by consumers for it’s unique J-shape design which provides full body support. (source


The PharMeDoc body pillow contains no chemicals and is made using soft polyester. While lead, latex, Phthalate and BPAs are toxic chemicals usually used for making polyester, PharMeDoc does not use them.

It’s firm but tender padding provides sufficient resistance and relief for a good night’s sleep. There’s no chance of overheating as air flows through its gentle and breathable cover. Its cover is removable and can be washed as required.


The pillow easily accommodates a pregnant woman’s extra weight and size. Not only pregnant women but anyone wanting a deep and comfortable sleep can use this pillow.

Unique shape

PharMeDoc body pillow comes with a unique J-shape which follows the body’s contour to support your neck, hips, back and even knees by its soft texture when you lie down in bed. Just hug or cradle the PharMeDoc pillow and sleep to experience relief from aging and pregnancy related aches and pains. No matter how you sleep; on your back, side or if you are pregnant, this pillow is perfect for you!

Ideal for pregnancy

This is an ideal pregnancy pillow as it lets you sleep without any sore neck or aching tummy. No worrying about sleep with the PharMeDoc pillow as it comforts you even while your baby kicks you in your tummy.


This pillow is easy to maintain. Just spot clean using a damp cloth and mild soap.  Its cotton cover can be removed and washed. While the pillow can be washed on a gentle cycle and dried on the lowest tumble dry setting, it may periodically need a non-chlorine bleach wash.


Customer satisfaction is important to PharMeDoc which si why they issue you a refund and a new pillow if you have any problems with your existing pillow. With such company support, it proves that this pillow is indeed a quality product.


  • Comfortable for big framed men and women as it’s built to hold large sized people
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee where you are compensated with a new pillow if you have any issues with the existing one
  • Its ergonomic design makes it ideal for nursing and non-pregnant women


  • It may overcrowd a small bed because of its large size.
  • Only one cover comes with the package. You need to order a spare one through your dealer

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Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation, Works with Amazon Alexa

The Nest Learning Thermostat is a programmable thermostat which blurs the boundaries between automation, home security and climate control. This is a 3rd generation thermostat which automatically learns your schedules and lifestyles and makes necessary adjustments to save your energy bills. It not only offers excellent customer support, but works with most residential HVAC systems.

Saves utility bills

The Nest Learning Thermostat learns and makes adjustments according to your schedule like lowering temperatures before you go to bed and switching off when you leave to save on utility bills. It gives daily reports telling you how much energy and money you save. If required, you can also make adjustments from your Smartphone to change your schedule. (source

Controls temperature

The Nest Learning thermostat can work with many heating units including heat pumps, dual-fuel systems and radiant heaters, mainly with equipment suited for your local climate. It accommodates three-stage heating and two-stage cooling for effective energy usage at home. So if your home isn’t heated to a comfortable level within one stage and the desired timeframe, the next stage starts adjusting the room to a comfortable temperature.

Auto changeover function

The Nest’s auto changeover function switches between its heating and cooling systems to help control your home’s humidifiers, dehumidifiers and fans to maintain a comfortable temperature.

The keypad lock ensures the temperature isn’t changed without permission, to prevent increased utility bills if the AC is accidently turned up. With its 1 degree temperature swing, the unit starts cooling or heating as required only when your home’s temperature is a degree warmer or cooler than your expected temperature.

Effective energy management

While the Nest thermostat lets you set a seven-day schedule, this smart thermostat can program itself without any help. It notes how often you change the temperature or schedule and after a week’s observation, learns your preferences.

So if you have a predicable weekly routine, the Wi-Fi thermostat seamlessly matches it. Even if your schedule is variable, the Nest finally reprograms itself once it notes a pattern emerging.

All this is done through its built-in sensors which monitor humidity, light, movement and temperature, and its Wi-Fi connection which checks and realizes how the local weather affects your home and then makes adjustments.

Easy to use

The thermostat wirelessly connects to devices like other Nest thermostats, Nest’s IP security cameras and Nest Protect smoke detector, and third party products like Philips Hue and IFITT via Wi-Fi to create a smart home ecosystem.

The thermostat is easy to use. You just turn its ring to reach your preferred menu item, and then press the screen towards the wall to select specific items on the menu items to make necessary changes in preferences.


  • Can program itself to make adjustments related to your lifestyle and schedule
  • Tweaks settings to create a comfortable living environment
  • It’s user-friendly design and mobile app gives you control from anywhere
  • Excellent software support
  • Easy to install


  • Its 2-year warranty is too short for a smart thermostat
  • It requires a constant power connection
  • Does not control hot water

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