Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation, Works with Amazon Alexa

The Nest Learning Thermostat is a programmable thermostat which blurs the boundaries between automation, home security and climate control. This is a 3rd generation thermostat which automatically learns your schedules and lifestyles and makes necessary adjustments to save your energy bills. It not only offers excellent customer support, but works with most residential HVAC systems.

Saves utility bills

The Nest Learning Thermostat learns and makes adjustments according to your schedule like lowering temperatures before you go to bed and switching off when you leave to save on utility bills. It gives daily reports telling you how much energy and money you save. If required, you can also make adjustments from your Smartphone to change your schedule. (source

Controls temperature

The Nest Learning thermostat can work with many heating units including heat pumps, dual-fuel systems and radiant heaters, mainly with equipment suited for your local climate. It accommodates three-stage heating and two-stage cooling for effective energy usage at home. So if your home isn’t heated to a comfortable level within one stage and the desired timeframe, the next stage starts adjusting the room to a comfortable temperature.

Auto changeover function

The Nest’s auto changeover function switches between its heating and cooling systems to help control your home’s humidifiers, dehumidifiers and fans to maintain a comfortable temperature.

The keypad lock ensures the temperature isn’t changed without permission, to prevent increased utility bills if the AC is accidently turned up. With its 1 degree temperature swing, the unit starts cooling or heating as required only when your home’s temperature is a degree warmer or cooler than your expected temperature.

Effective energy management

While the Nest thermostat lets you set a seven-day schedule, this smart thermostat can program itself without any help. It notes how often you change the temperature or schedule and after a week’s observation, learns your preferences.

So if you have a predicable weekly routine, the Wi-Fi thermostat seamlessly matches it. Even if your schedule is variable, the Nest finally reprograms itself once it notes a pattern emerging.

All this is done through its built-in sensors which monitor humidity, light, movement and temperature, and its Wi-Fi connection which checks and realizes how the local weather affects your home and then makes adjustments.

Easy to use

The thermostat wirelessly connects to devices like other Nest thermostats, Nest’s IP security cameras and Nest Protect smoke detector, and third party products like Philips Hue and IFITT via Wi-Fi to create a smart home ecosystem.

The thermostat is easy to use. You just turn its ring to reach your preferred menu item, and then press the screen towards the wall to select specific items on the menu items to make necessary changes in preferences.


  • Can program itself to make adjustments related to your lifestyle and schedule
  • Tweaks settings to create a comfortable living environment
  • It’s user-friendly design and mobile app gives you control from anywhere
  • Excellent software support
  • Easy to install


  • Its 2-year warranty is too short for a smart thermostat
  • It requires a constant power connection
  • Does not control hot water

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