Review of PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow

PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow may seem like a blessing in disguise for pregnant women finding it difficult to get a good night’s sleep because of their body changes. It gives them the rest they need by controlling neck pain, bad sleep patterns and stress.

Even nursing mothers love the PharMeDoc pillow as it lets them get a good night’s sleep, so that they don’t feel tired nursing their infants whenever needed. This pillow wraps around both mother and child to protect and consol them. It comes with a pure cotton cover, is manufactured in the US and is highly rated by consumers for it’s unique J-shape design which provides full body support. (source


The PharMeDoc body pillow contains no chemicals and is made using soft polyester. While lead, latex, Phthalate and BPAs are toxic chemicals usually used for making polyester, PharMeDoc does not use them.

It’s firm but tender padding provides sufficient resistance and relief for a good night’s sleep. There’s no chance of overheating as air flows through its gentle and breathable cover. Its cover is removable and can be washed as required.


The pillow easily accommodates a pregnant woman’s extra weight and size. Not only pregnant women but anyone wanting a deep and comfortable sleep can use this pillow.

Unique shape

PharMeDoc body pillow comes with a unique J-shape which follows the body’s contour to support your neck, hips, back and even knees by its soft texture when you lie down in bed. Just hug or cradle the PharMeDoc pillow and sleep to experience relief from aging and pregnancy related aches and pains. No matter how you sleep; on your back, side or if you are pregnant, this pillow is perfect for you!

Ideal for pregnancy

This is an ideal pregnancy pillow as it lets you sleep without any sore neck or aching tummy. No worrying about sleep with the PharMeDoc pillow as it comforts you even while your baby kicks you in your tummy.


This pillow is easy to maintain. Just spot clean using a damp cloth and mild soap.  Its cotton cover can be removed and washed. While the pillow can be washed on a gentle cycle and dried on the lowest tumble dry setting, it may periodically need a non-chlorine bleach wash.


Customer satisfaction is important to PharMeDoc which si why they issue you a refund and a new pillow if you have any problems with your existing pillow. With such company support, it proves that this pillow is indeed a quality product.


  • Comfortable for big framed men and women as it’s built to hold large sized people
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee where you are compensated with a new pillow if you have any issues with the existing one
  • Its ergonomic design makes it ideal for nursing and non-pregnant women


  • It may overcrowd a small bed because of its large size.
  • Only one cover comes with the package. You need to order a spare one through your dealer

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