Best Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner Review

Every housewife dreams about comfort and cleanliness in her house, to invite guests, and be proud of her apartments. But the more square meters she has the longer she does regular cleaning. Furniture, floor coverings and other elements of decoration become dirty very quickly.

To ensure perfect cleanliness and order in the house, a large arsenal of techniques for cleaning and detergents are required. Call to dry cleaning at home every time seriously reduces family budget. How to solve this problem?

Modern carpet cleaner can quickly clean the house so effective as specialists of cleaning services In this case, you not only successfully complete your arsenal with home and household appliances, but also will feel the savings of detergents and cleaning agents.

The Rug Doctor carpet cleaner allows you to carry out simultaneously steam disinfection, dry cleaning and wet cleaning, so that the whole house will shine with cleanliness! It uses pure hot steam produced by the generator. This is especially convenient and efficient for those houses and apartments, where live children and patients suffering from allergies. Because there will be no need to use cleaning agents and chemicals that can cause allergic reactions in members of family.

During the cleaning with steam cleaner you will wash off the dirt not only from the surface. Hot steam has the ability to penetrate deep inside (for example, in upholstery, carpets) and remove hard stains.

A huge plus is the destruction of microorganisms and bacteria by means of steam. The high temperature kills all disease-causing microbes. Notorious dust mites – saprophytes which are the causative agents of allergy will not survive too.

If a steam cleaner for the house is equipped with the ironing, you can put aside your iron. Now you can put your clothes in order and clean by means of special nozzles directly on the hanger. At the same time careful ironing with steam will not spoil a tissue.

Using such helper in the house, like a steam vacuum cleaner, you can perform many different functions with one device. You just need to fill the tank with water and turn on the device.

Disadvantages of some devices

In spite of the impressive list of advantages, the vacuum cleaner has some drawbacks. On the opinion of customers the main and most important minus is its price.

With malfunction of one element you will have to replace it losing considerable amount of money.

The second disadvantage is the great weight of the device. Especially it concerns the lovely ladies who are so tired during the cleaning, dragging heavy vacuum cleaner throughout the room. Fortunately, most of the models are equipped with wheels for movement.

Another disadvantage is that hot steam is not applicable to all surfaces in the house. For example, if you have linoleum, it is better not to use a carpet cleaner, because after the work with steam your surface will lose its shine and become hammered.

So, if you check the shared reviews, you will find a Rug Doctor in the top of the ratings. If you are looking for a carpet steam cleaner for home, it is not the best purchase because of its high price and large size. But if you are considering a rental, you should not miss the opportunity to try out this device. It is an industrial steam cleaner, which can offer high performance and will leave carpets clean and fresh. Study of work with the steam cleaner is possible of course, because many sellers offer a demonstration, which helps user to train.

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